The founder and president of the company retired in 2017 after operating the firm for more than 42 years and has hence ceased operting the his belove firm.

As a Note for history - - - - Graphic Dimensions, Inc., was founded in 1975 with a goal to produce quality marketing tools and technical data for firms without the benefit or luxury of having an in-house art or marketing services department.

Over the past years we have been fortunate to have produced printed collateral materials for major national and international corporations, as well as smaller local companies. Some of the larger corporations include:

Exxon, Ramada Hotel Corporation, the Boeing Company, Cv International, CvB Company, Gemco Department Stores, ICN Pharmaceuticals, RSL Laboratories and Immuchem Corporation.

Some local companies include: Gansky Technical Services, Nichols Institute Diagnostics, Community College Broadcasting Network, Southern California Consortium, Whittaker Controls, Sargent Industries, Pegasus Sportswear and General Group International.

Our philosophy was simply, “provide quality marketing tools, on-time and within budget.”

Whether a company produces products for commercial, medical, defense, aerospace or industrial use . . . .

Whether a products are toys, sporting goods, fashion, mechanical or electrical components, or medical and scientific products and instruments . . . .

Whether a company manufactures, distributes or retails those goods, or performs services to private, public or corporate identities . . . .

Whether a company needed:
• product brochures or catalogs
• commercial or technical data sheets
• maintenance or product manuals
• sales guides or internal publications
• price or product lists
• illustrated parts catalogs
• publication print ads
• new or revised corporate identity
• or an Internet identity
. . . .

Graphic Dimensions had operated for more thatn 42 years with the experience and knowledge to produce professional collateral materials that aided their clients in marketing, selling and supporting their goods or services.

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