This gallery is a list of my PT Boat posters currently available for purchase, including two DVD's of Actual ELCO and Higgins PT Boat blueprint drawings, as well as a Packard Engine manual for Operators. All DVD files were created form U.S. Government Microfilm, purchased from the National Archives. The image files were scanned from actual 35mm microfilm reels and saved on disks as PDF files. Unlike the posters which were created from scratch from engineering drawings with excellant quality, the microfilm scans very considerably from good to very bad. Please read about the microfilm scans quality on each DVD page.

The Poster list will be expanned as new artwork is finished - you might like to revisit from time to time.


Each PT Boat thumb nail view below is clickable for viewing a larger image version and a PayPal buy button to purchase.

Each poster is color laser printed on 12" x 18" 80lb glossy cover paper (Mohawk Color Copy Gloss Cover 80# stock) using a high quality Konica Minolta Magiccolor 7450II color laser printer. The posters are rolled and shipped in a USPS priority mail triangluar mailing tube.

ELCO 80' PT BOATS - Click on Images for Larger View - the larger view has a purchase button, if interested.
ELCO PT-103 Cutaway (Green)
ELCO PT-107 Cutaway (Green)
ELCO PT-144 Cutaway (Green)

ELCO PT-565 Cutaway (Camo)

HIGGINS 78' PT BOATS - Click on Images for Larger View - the larger view has a purchase button, if interested.
Higgiins PT-84 Cutaway (Green)
Higgiins PT-209 Cutaway (Green)
Higgiins PT-631 Cutaway (Camo)


Each DVD contains various types of information as detailed under each listing. Pleas read the Microfilm Scanned Facts, before making any purchases. All products are NON-REFUNDABLE.

DVD - Microfilm Collection #1
DVD - Microfilm Collection #2


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